Please enjoy some of the comments we have received about our Academy program from distinguished professional musicians.

conductor, violinist, eminent pedagogue,

The Juilliard School Faculty, Joel Smirnoff 

I have had the great pleasure of giving master classes at the Music Institute of Chicago's Academy for the last several years. The high level of accomplishment of the Institute’s young (pre-college) musicians continue to impress me, both in their chamber music playing or and in their solo playing, and it is very clear that the program at Music Institute of Chicago attracts some of the most talented and dedicated music students in the field.


The Academy seems to offer the aspiring music student a nicely balanced diet of chamber music, private instruction, performance opportunities, master classes, and presentations by experts from all areas of the music world. Chicago should be proud of the Academy, giving, as it does, the pre-college music student the necessary tools to become a successful performer for the 21st century.


- Joel Smirnoff


esteemed pianist, Janina Fialkowska

I had the great pleasure to give a Master Class in 2010 for the Academy of the Music Institute of Chicago. The level of the talented young musicians was extremely high; higher, in fact than most university music students. What was also interesting was the way these young pianists had been taught to use their own intelligence in developing their interpretations.The performances were youthful, highly skilled but also thoughtful. My suggestions were listened to with great attention and absorbed quickly which was very gratifying.It was a great experience and I was very impressed by the excellent work of those who inspire and lead the way at the Academy.

- Janina Fialkowska 


world renowned ensemble, Pacifica Quartet

After having done numerous master classes in many of the world's best Conservatories it is clear to us that The Academy has one of the strongest string programs in the world today.The students are extremely advanced, dedicated and excellently trained. The experience of giving the class at The Academy was an enjoyable one and left us feeling very impressed with this special school. 

- Pacifica Quartet

celebrated violinist,  Pamela Frank

I've always enjoyed my visits at the Music Institute of Chicago: the work ethic, intensity, and passion are palpable, and the students' motivation and openness are truly impressive. In short, an inspiring place!

- Pamela Frank