The Music Institute of Chicago board, administration and faculty work hard to further the Music Institute of Chicago mission while dealing with the day-to-day needs of those we serve.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with your ideas, questions or concerns.

Administrative Staff


1702 Sherman Avenue, Evanston, IL 60201

Phone: 847.905.1500, ext.180


 Office of the President

Mark George

President and CEO

Sue Polutnik

Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

The Academy, Executive Director

847.905.1500, ext 122


 Customer Service


Rose Vakili

Customer Service Specialist

 847.905.1500, ext 180


Community Music School

Emily Abraham

Dean and Vice President of Academic Affairs

847.905.1500, ext 126

Guinevere Grimstad

Senior Directorof Academic Operations, Winnetka 

847.905.1500, ext 133


Marie Alatalo
Campus Director, Chicago
847.905.1500, ext. 143


Patrick O'Malley 

Campus Director, Downtown Evanston & Evanston East

847.905.1500, ext 101




Brady Richards

Campus Director, Winnetka 

847.905.1500, ext 127


Clem Leek

Campus Director, Lake Forest & Lincolnshire 

847.905.1500, ext 191


Community Engagement

Matt Boresi

Director of Arts Integration

847.905.1500, ext 170

Victor  Ribadeneyra

Manager of Community Engagement

847.905.1500, ext. 182




Paul Nebenzahl

Senior Development Consultant






Alyssa Hagen

Development Manager



Stuart Kipnis

Director of Corporate, Foundation and Government Relations






Luis Romero

Development Coordinator


Finance and Operations


Marcia Rubin

Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Nancy Schultz

Senior Director of Registration and Payroll



Arlene Jackson

Human Resources Manager


Mitzie Friedland-Stell 

Accounting Associate


Marketing and Communications

Erin Fusco

Director of Marketing and Communications

Nora Takagi 

Marketing and Communications Coordinator





Nichols Concert Hall

Fiona Queen

Director of Performance Activities


Giles Lemmens
Assistant Director of Performance Activities




Campus Support Staff


Maria Alfaro

Administrative Assistant

Evanston East Campus

847.905.1500, ext 100


Bisera Makarevic

Administrative Assistant

Winnetka Campus

847.905.1500, ext 120

  Lake Forest Campus

847.905.1500, ext 194