Suzuki Education

Barston Suzuki Center

Avi Friedlander, Director
Sarah Montzka, Associate Director


MIC’s Barston Suzuki Center offers one of the largest and most comprehensive Suzuki programs in the Midwest. Trained Suzuki faculty provide the highest quality private and group-class instruction. Suzuki instruction is available for piano, violin, viola, cello, bass, flute, guitar, harp, and recorder. Lessons are available in lengths of 30, 45 and 60 minutes.The internationally recognized Suzuki method is based on the philosophy of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki that talent and musicianship can be developed in any child. Numerous class and solo performance opportunities are offered throughout the year.

Suzuki Program Overview

• Students ages three and above may be enrolled in the Suzuki

• The parent is actively involved in all aspects of the child’s
   musical development, attends all lessons and classes, and
   receives training to be the home teacher.

• Parents of beginning students will receive orientation and a
   parent handbook.

• No prior musical experience is necessary.

• The Suzuki program tuition includes the private lesson as well as group classes including the following: Suzuki repertoire classes (corresponding to the instrument for which the student is registered for private instruction in MIC's Suzuki program), Musikgarten® classes (if too young for musicianship; materials fee not included), and Suzuki music reading classes. Students are also encouraged to participate in deeply discounted musicianship classes. Additionally, students may participate in monthly Suzuki Sunday performances, graduation recitals, and Suzuki festival concerts each spring.

Orientation and Observation
Prospective families are encouraged to observe lessons or classes at the Music Institute prior to enrolling in the Suzuki Program. We strongly suggest that parents read Nurtured by Love by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki to understand the fundamentals of Suzuki philosophy before making a commitment to the program.

“Suzuki 101” Parent Orientations for New Suzuki Parents

New Suzuki parents must attend one of our “Suzuki 101” Parent Orientations (these classes are for parents only).  For more information, contact Sarah Montzka.


Developmental Note-reading Program

The developmental note-reading program at the Music Institute is designed to ensure that the student learns to read music successfully. At early repertoire levels or at pre-school age levels, a pre-musicianship class is available. Later, in music reading classes, students learn and master a step-by-step progression of note-reading skills. As the child progresses, reading techniques are used in mixed groups where the children play their instruments in elementary ensembles.